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Jul 05, 2009poonam and chirag details

i unexpectedly took a little sabbatical from the blog-o-sphere. in the middle of our busiest month, we have ventured on some pretty amazing trips (please see marfa trip) and other travels. due to bad internet connection and lack of a working laptop i had no choice but to be calm and carry on. and that is just what i did. but the whole time i had a build up of blog posts toppling over back at the office. and i had this particular wedding in my mind sine i never had the chance to finish it. i usually don't set aside a seperate post just for details but i had to for this one. first and foremost, bliss event group did a stunning job with the reception. second, this was really the only americanized part of the entire wedding which looked very different from the other ceremonies. to make a long story short, this post needed its own home. thank you again, poonam and chirag! thank you bliss event group for making our job easy. and thank you daymon gardner for your top notch help!

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Jun 17, 2009poonam + chirag

how do you take 3 days of an incredible celebration of poonam and chirag's marriage and pack it into a blog post? you don't. no way. there was so much love and effort that went into each day and celebration. i've decided to split it into two posts... a story below and the next one will be all details. trust me...they are spectacular enough to hold their own spot, thanks to bliss event group. I really want to write more but need to get some images up and share. more of the story coming with the details! thank you poonam and chirag for hosting such an incredible wedding that whitney and i will never forget. wow. thats all i can say.

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May 22, 2009poonam + chirag smilebooth

Poonam and Chirag rock the SMILEBOOTH in Destin, FL! The amazing cast unfolds below

we love kyle, we love daymon

blue boys

best group ever!

Bliss Event Group

Kirstin is getting arrested?

Where is kyle?

lara + jesse + green elephant

happy poonam!

bhojanic did the catering and it was amazing.

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Apr 06, 2009A portrait by daymon gardner of whitney and me...


when planning our trip to destin, florida for poonam and chirag's wedding we asked our old good friend and assistant, who now lives in new orleans with his lovely wife erin, to join us. we were so excited to work with daymon gardner again since he is a very talented artist. while we were in destin he asked to take a couple photographs of whitney and i for this new project he has been working on. after seeing the series we were blown away by how interesting is was. i will post a link to the full body of work when he is ready but until then i'll post ours. thanks, d.
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