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Feb 13, 2008Gorillas

We headed back to the Zoo to document the gorillas painting on canvas for the Apes in the Arts . The gorillas were completely different from the orangutans- while orangutans stare at the camera and don't mind direct eye contact, gorillas are shy.

they are often referred to as "gentle giants". This is 11 year old Charlie.

Kinyani contemplating her vision for the canvas.

Jasiri is not a painter but he is very handsome.

Sukari is ready for her canvas...  
Perhaps her son Gunther (behind her) is her muse.

Ozoum (aka Ozzie) is a wise leader and great father. Doesn't this expression say it all?

Ta-DA! Red is Kinyani's color...

Kali explored the brush from all angles...just like most 2 year olds would.

ummmm...lovin' the brush.

and now for the canvas.... 
Kali and his twin sister Kazi are the only set of western lowland gorillas to be raised in captivity solely by their mother!

Most of his caregivers would tell you he is quite the mama's boy.

If all else fails eat it.

Charlie thinks canvas and paint are pretty tasty too.

last but not least........ Ivan! He loves to paint but prefers not to have an audience. He was willing to taste the brush for the camera.

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