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Nov 10, 2010camilla + hank on snippet & ink !!

oh, joy! camilla and hank on snippet and ink . this wedding needed to be seen. and clearly my blogging days have been hindered by my travel days :) luckily ashley sat me down and told me we were going to blog camilla and hank since snippet and ink got the ball rolling. thanks, ashley . thanks, snippet and ink.  
camilla and hank took their style and made a wedding. camilla called us to inquire about us shooting her wedding...we were talking, talking, talking and then she said "...and we have a custom made neon sign that says, 'hank hearts camilla". um, yeah...sign us up. and really it only got better from there. and when i say better i mean AH AH AH MAZING. i felt privileged to be invited to this wedding. 
thanks for the blogging, ashley. and don't forget to see another amazing video by this guy.

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