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Jun 29, 2010adam and jordan and the story of the girl with the coolest name in the world.

So Jordan Kaltwasser meets Adam Jordan. the big question since then always stood- "when and if you get married are you going to change your last name?" well of course she did! as the invite stated on the front, "if you really need to know just look at the back of the program..." Jordan Jordan it is. It seems to work well since she is a designer. even beyond this great name change this couple is great. they hosted their wedding outside of Memphis, TN in a spectacular location. little did they know it would be during a tornado. little did we know either. golf carts with plastic covers, sideways rain, tornado sirens, heavy wind. this was a first. and you know they still were laughing and totally into taking photos. i think the positive attitude really paid back when right after the ceremony the sky opened and the most beautiful sunset appeared. serenity.  

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