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Mar 03, 2014libby and weldon {part one}

if words could describe the awesomeness of this wedding i would be writing a novel right here. ill try to give you a little recap. we received this email in our inbox mentioning a wedding in morocco. it already sounded to good to be true. but then libby (the bride and since the wedding a good friend) continued on to say that since the wedding was over new years they wanted to make sure we enjoyed ourselves and stayed for an extra few days. she continued on to mention some ideas for the wedding and itinerary- kaftans, museums, schools, squares...the list went on. whitney decided to place a phone call thinking all of this may be too good to be true. well, the phone call made us fast friends. and libby, weldon, and morocco didn't let us down. absolutely amazing from beginning to end. a pure treat for the eyes, total inspiration for a photographer.  
libby and weldon are world travelers and they knew that the wedding was to take place somewhere remotely fabulous. marrakech, morocco won the vote and they and their family hiked over from texas for an unforgettable wedding. whitney and i are so blessed to know libby and weldon. they are very smart, extremely generous, and utterly talented and creative. i am looking forward to making a visit to libby in fort worth to visit her store.

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