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Oct 23, 2009jesse is 30!

i could not imagine a better way to bring in a birthday. period. 
my amazing husband had me convinced we were going bowling. due to my inability to bowl, i was stalling at dinner enjoying the company and ambience. little did i know there were 40 people crammed in my bathroom waiting to jump out and yell "surprise". it makes me laugh and i think it's kind of cool that they got to all know each other "a-lot-a" better.  
so the story goes... 
we had to stop at home because gracyn was not feeling well. we have this really long wood walkway and not too many lights outside. whitney had my computer set up out in the dark with an incredible video of all of my long lost lovely friends and family...well at least the ones that could figure out the video technology. so here i am sitting in the dark with a bright video, tears streaming down because of the sweetness and i thought "man, i am so happy no one is around here to see me." i was so enamored by this video i didn't notice whitney running into the house warning the crowd in the bathroom. completely unprepared with wet eyes and a red face i walked into the house to be completely surprised with many of my dearest friends. not knowing even how to handle all of this, i started circling the room with a big embrace. it was only a few minutes later when my sweet husband really blew me away. to give you a little background before i share, we have never really been able to find "our" song. i returned from an incredible workshop and opened our dear friends monthly awesomeness and heard track 7. whitney agreed instantly which was a very good sign. so we went home, printed out the lyrics, kept them in the car to rehearse at the red lights and decided we would make a video singing to each other. back to the surprise party- my sweet husband stood up on our couch and asked everyone to turn around and listen for a moment. right there sitting in my living room was a stranger at the time but know known as my favorite musician. it only took a few strums on the guitar and i think everyone melted a little bit....there it was- our song. i can say for sure that i wasn't the only one shedding a tear or two. david is an incredible musician and his wife, sarah only made the song better as she stood on the sidelines tapping the tambourine. instant new friends. i love them.  
then we hung out sipping on soup from my favorite was a warm coconut tomato pepper heaven-ness. something like that. Then whitney built a bonfire and nearby had a record player sitting on a table. all of my wonderful friends brought their favorite records so not only do i have a record player finally i have an incredible library of records. i love all of my friends and feel so blessed. so blessed. i have to give a special shout out amy osaba for smoothering my house with incredible flowers and ashley for the smilebooth backdrop and of coarse my husband for setting the bar so damn high for a really good party.

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