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Oct 05, 2009gracyn and kites

Our big, little man turned 3 on October 3rd (his golden birthday) and we've been celebrating his birthday before and after our double wedding weekend. We held a really fun party for him on Friday night. The whole idea was based around these amazing kites that dolci odille handmade. check out the invites below, of course they are more than perfect. She found fabric, created a sweet tag asking folks to design their own kite and bring it to the party. she arrived to the party with a sewing machine in hand ready to sew on colorful tails and place the sticks. ashley is an endless well of creativity. 

one of my favorite moments was when gracyn went straight for the cake...all the kids laughing, green icing everywhere. it was pure bliss.

this is the one, the only ashley.

...and her incredible invites.

and now we are using them to decorate.

We were so lucky to have heidi there to take these fun videos. 
and what is a party without a Smilebooth...nothin'.

To see ALL of the smilebooth photos CLICK HERE 
and the awesome amber with her SX70.

ok, now back to weddings : )
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