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Jul 05, 2009poonam and chirag details

i unexpectedly took a little sabbatical from the blog-o-sphere. in the middle of our busiest month, we have ventured on some pretty amazing trips (please see marfa trip) and other travels. due to bad internet connection and lack of a working laptop i had no choice but to be calm and carry on. and that is just what i did. but the whole time i had a build up of blog posts toppling over back at the office. and i had this particular wedding in my mind sine i never had the chance to finish it. i usually don't set aside a seperate post just for details but i had to for this one. first and foremost, bliss event group did a stunning job with the reception. second, this was really the only americanized part of the entire wedding which looked very different from the other ceremonies. to make a long story short, this post needed its own home. thank you again, poonam and chirag! thank you bliss event group for making our job easy. and thank you daymon gardner for your top notch help!

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