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Jul 10, 2009Tom and Laura

Tom and Laura were so memorable...gentle, dear spirits. they have been so patient with us while we travel around and neglect our blog. but i was anxious to place the story up here. they were married in what i think is the most incredible chapel in atlanta, cannon chapel. my mouth dropped when i walked in the door. the architecture was so minimal, the light poured in and sound was glorious. i was one happy photographer to see such a thoughtful structure. and all of it matched tom and laura so well...they are both so thoughtful. when we had met them for our initial meeting they asked if we knew of weddingwire. we did not at that time, but we created an account soon after (or maybe we already had one...i am not really sure) since it was recommended by them. so the day we sent them their photos they went right over to wedding wire and left this very thoughtful review:  
We looked at a lot of photographers and were instantly blown away by Our Labor of Love at the first meeting. Having gotten our final photographs, we can now honestly say we sincerely can't imagine there's anyone better, at any price, probably anywhere in the country. I know that might sound sensational, but it's the truth. We loved our wedding and all of our "vendors," but I'm sure for some more searching or work the food could have been more gourmet or with more money we could have hired an amazing band....I'm even more sure that we could not possibly have found better photographers. These are pictures you want to leave out forever. They're not the bland, acceptable work you get from a "good" photographer, they are truly gorgeous and exceptional pieces of art. Let's put it this way: we're sure that no matter what, if you book them you'll never ever feel one ounce of uncertainty or regret! 
thank you both. we felt really blessed to be a part of your wedding. 
one of my favorite moments of the day was the few minutes we took for their portraits. the two of them just skipped around full of joy. and just melted into each other. here is one of my favorite series....

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