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Nov 23, 2007Adventures of Thanksgiving

Hey, Hey, Hey it was Turkey Day and the Chamberlins were off to where the stars at night are big and bright deep in the heart of Texas- a.k.a. Aunt Kellie's house! Well, we hopped on one of Atlanta's finest- no not coke-a-cola, no not the police department- Delta. 
The orange button with the little lady bought us our first 10 minutes on the plane.

then we were so lucky to have a sweet woman named Suzie to lend her lap to for Gracyn's amusement.

Little man did not want to take his seat. This was his first flight.

Here we come Texas!

Time to shop. Gracyn was choosing the milk of his choice for Thanksgiving.

Gracyn was picking a plump one..... where is that stuffing?

17 pounds of Turkey. 23 pounds of Gracyn.

Kellie with the bird. Whit and i don't really eat meat but i decided to join Kellie on the way to the meat market. What a wild place. it was straight out of Germany and they were serious about their meat.

Bentley, the chocolate lab, needed a good run for the day so we went to the park. Him and Gracyn were very competitive.

Gracyn with the papa...

Gracyn with the mama....

We did a mini shoot of Kellie, Steve and Bentley. When i say "mini" i mean Gracyn was crying, Steve was at the pivotal moment in the kitchen, the sun was down and it started to SNOW. Have i mentioned that Bentley is 2 years old and wild...

Chocolate lab gone wild.

While we were shooting we were also trying to keep Gracyn off of a ladder

i love this photo of him.

This was such a memorable meal. Bravo Steve- that turkey was amazing! Ginger carrots and creamiest mash potatoes ....yummy!

These are the moments of motherhood that i love. I haven't quite opened my eyes yet (food hangover) but i know my little man is near and ready to get me up.

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