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Feb 20, 2009ellie + dave

this was a spectacular wedding with every inch done to the nines. i have never seen a reception look so incredible...moss, stones, wood, orchids, cabbage...and all of it sat amongst ellie's dad's furniture (he owns a furniture store) with heavy couches, aged wooden lanterns, grass table tops, nests, honey jars and statues. they took a wide open space and turned it into an organic, plush nature wonderland. and although the reception was definitely note worthy in our history of weddings, ellie and dave made the biggest impression of all. such a beautiful couple so sweet to each other that they made us melt. so tender are these lovebirds. i'd shot this wedding all over again any day.

how did dave's expression not change even a little?

a moment alone right after the ceremony..

they realized that the minister forgot to say, "...and now you can kiss the bride." so they were urged to do it in the hallway with everyone around.

so much love went into these details that i had spell it out... big shout outs to mark and scott for the amazing flowers.

i love this shot. a lot.

two more shout outs to whom they are seriously deserved... 
Ashley Baber Weddings who made the whole thing go off without a hitch and perfectly on time. 
and Dennis Dean for the incredible catering and beautiful spreads.
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