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Oct 24, 2008julie + adam

brilliant, i tell you! julie and adam just bedazzle you with love and light when they walk in the room. so you can imagine what they do to the camera (check out the images below to see). Julie got dressed into an incredible gown and looked radiant. Adam was oh-so handsome. And together they just had an extraordinary wedding at puritan mill. they did have awe-inspiring details but there were too many pretty portraits so they'll just have to wait until the slideshow to see those! i had to put my favorite image up first. thank you julie for dancing in front of the camera! and thank you both for making our job so fun!

meet adam...a strapping young fellow.

adam plus brother.

so flippin' cute...

love this idea. but i forget what they are called....anyone?

in action.

love it. work it.

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