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Apr 07, 2009shana + rob

shana and rob, can we do that again? or rewind? because that was amazing. your wedding was so real and so refreshing. thank you. 
they got ready together with all of their friends in one hotel room where the girls were laughing in the bedroom and the guys were studying bow-tie tying on the internets in the common room. No matter rain or freezing gusts of wind- we hit the streets to take some really fun photos. the mist was really beautiful so i am glad they were willing. Then we arrived at mason murer where the ceremony and reception took place. the ceremony was very memorable, so memorable that i think i want a video of it. each member of their very intelligent and thoughtful bridal party came up under the ketubah to give a blessing. i think i reached my record high of five "tear-ups" during the ceremony. yep, thats just the photographer over there crying in the corner. they walked back down the aisle this. a.m.a.z.i.n.g. 
Then the reception was perfectly planned with a first dance of i got you babe later followed by choriagraphed single ladies. to see this perfection you can watch these two videos that ended up online. BUT what topped the cake is this was the first official flashdance collaboration. the dj on this wedding was our good friend Michael who is also our partner in a new project called The Flashdance. We are so thrilled to collaborate with an amazing dj (hard to come by at a wedding no?) who can also hold his own in the wedding blog world! Go check out the music side of this wedding at the flashdance you'll love it! 
oh yeah- delicious food and lovely flowers and styling and our overflowing with awesomeness assistant. ok stop me here...on to photos:

don't miss the clever flashdance video.
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Apr 06, 2009A portrait by daymon gardner of whitney and me...


when planning our trip to destin, florida for poonam and chirag's wedding we asked our old good friend and assistant, who now lives in new orleans with his lovely wife erin, to join us. we were so excited to work with daymon gardner again since he is a very talented artist. while we were in destin he asked to take a couple photographs of whitney and i for this new project he has been working on. after seeing the series we were blown away by how interesting is was. i will post a link to the full body of work when he is ready but until then i'll post ours. thanks, d.
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Apr 06, 2009 NOT my normal Sunday

Ashley Baber, Michelle Gainey

Gangsta Bride in the house 

The Ladies

Ashley and Dusty

David and Kendrick 

Amy Osaba, Joy Thigpen , The Event Producer Callie Murry

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Apr 02, 2009Shana and Rob, to be continued...

whoa! i am so excited about this next wedding we are posting. i am just starting up the blog post but i had to post one for now. this wedding was off the hook for oh-so-many reasons and i'll get into those details when the real post goes up. so for now- here is some eye candy...

i hope these smiles are contagious for you too...
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Apr 02, 2009google speakeasy smilebooth

head on over to the to see some fun[ny] photos from the speakeasy event...

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