Jul 31, 2016  Loretta
You have a lot of skill about photography .
Jan 05, 2009  Jorge Simmonds
Wow, love looking back and recapping...what an amazing night for two amazing people!!! Great pics!!!
Nov 10, 2008  Genevieve
Oct 30, 2008  richa
don't want to be near you for the thoughts we share but the words we never have to speak. love quotes
Oct 29, 2008  Sarah
These pics need to be published. The bride and groom look like models - the pictures took my breath away...stunning!
Oct 29, 2008  Marc B
The pictures turned out Fantastic. I expected nothing less. Looked like you guys had a blast.
Oct 28, 2008  Nashilicious
It's like candy from a pinata. Yeah!
Oct 28, 2008  lindsey
just tremendously beautiful.
Oct 27, 2008  Laura E @ Southern Weddings
The bride is so stunning and the groom is so cute. Love the style here.
Oct 27, 2008  michelle
OOOOOOOH great wedding. love every image. oh and yes those are cootie catchers, great idea for "detail" at a wedding. GREAT photography as always =)
Oct 27, 2008  Lauren Felton
These pictures are breath taking! I must say, I'm very jealous! Love the industrial feel - very modern and such a great backdrop.
Oct 27, 2008  Blair Van Bussel
These are amazing!! Love all this yummy light. Rocked it!
Oct 27, 2008  Don Taylor
I'm happy for you guys. You have the rest of your lives to spend together, and the most AMAZING photos I've ever seen of a wedding! In fact, these are among the best photos of this type that I have EVER seen. If I didn't know this was all real, and didn't know most of the people in it, I would assume that these photos were from a shoot for GQ or some other similar magazine.
Oct 27, 2008  Annie Whitney
These photos are absolutely stunning! You guys captured Jules and Adam so perfectly and especially their personalities! Jules, you shine through with all of the pix of you dancing and twirling before the picturesque backgrounds. And i really loved the serious ones and the fun ones, you both are such a gorgeous/handsome models! Love you both and couldn't be happier for you!
Oct 27, 2008  Leah Bilz
Absolutely gorgeous! You guys never cease to amaze me. I have been waiting to see pictures of Julie and Adam because I knew they were going to be stellar and you definitely didn't disappoint!
Oct 27, 2008  Helene PRONOST
Fantastic. This is art! For real i'm impressed. You two look gorgeous in every picture. To be honest i just love the pictures in front of the factory (was it a factory?), the idea is great, the light is perfect...so modern...amazing!
Oct 26, 2008  Alex
Seriously AMAZING pictures! I've never seen wedding pictures this vibrant and well framed before. Not that Julie & Adam are tough to take pictures of, but you guys did an amazing job. Congrats to all :)
Oct 25, 2008  Kenyattis Surratt
What can I say? When I saw the pic of you and Jeffrey D...gurl.... lost my you know what.. You guys are beautiful... but honestly are we surprised? I can't wait to see the rest of the photos!!!!
Oct 25, 2008  Julie's Aunt Patsy
We loved being there on that special day, and we relive those beautiful moments when we look at the photos.
Oct 25, 2008  Colin
Wow! Incredible! Congrats You both look radiant (can a guy look radiant?)
Oct 25, 2008  Aunt Patty Schlicher
a night to remember and precious moments to be savored-these photos capture every nuanced glance and gesture ...incredibly artistic work that truly bespeaks your name - a "labor of love" for those we love, our Julie and Adam.
Oct 25, 2008  Seyed
WOW ... LOVE the pictures! I can't believe this! My favorite is of you, your dad, and Adam ... They look so great!!
Oct 25, 2008  Jeff and Karen Wright
This is the day that every parent dreams of on the day their child is born. It is that promise you make to them when you look into their eyes for the first time - that you will do everything in your power to help make their dreams come true. Thank you for capturing that dream for all of us. Julie's Mom and Dad
Oct 25, 2008  Corey H
fantastically beautiful works of art... breathtaking!!!
Oct 25, 2008  jenn k
um, i have never seen wedding photos like these before. i'm speechless. really. if i lived in atlanta, i would love to do your PR!
Oct 25, 2008  Cindy Fox
WOW! Each of the photos is such a work of art! I can't believe how the photographer was able to catch the essence of the two of you! Congratulations again!
Oct 25, 2008  Rachel Ziegler
WHAA?? I had no idea I was an extra in a "Happily Ever After" flick with America's most gorgeous bride and groom! I mean...I did, but I didn't...ya know? It's all so dreamlike, and these pictures are helping me relive that dream. Picture perfect...literally.
Oct 25, 2008  sarah baker
FANTASTIC! More than I could have wished for Julie and Adam! Love you both...
Oct 25, 2008  Catherine Brandt
I am in awe of these photos! They are brilliantly dazzling yet so intimate. They absolutely captured how wonderful your wedding was!! Well done!
Oct 25, 2008  Mirinda Williams
Absolutely Beautiful! You two look fabulous and the pictures look amazing! I teared up at the first picture Jules!
Oct 25, 2008  cary tobin
really beautiful. Timeless too....
Oct 25, 2008  Kim Carpenter
Damn, now those are wedding photos! They look like they should be in the pages of Vogue. You two are too pretty!
Oct 25, 2008  Kevin Hord
A modern graphic novel in pictures…..WoW absolutely beautiful photographs….amazing work!
Oct 25, 2008  Stephen Slater
I can't stop looking at the first 10 shots. Incredible work throughout as well. You've gained a recommendation from me.
Oct 25, 2008  justin + amelia lyon
WOW! Just thought we'd stop on by and check out your work, as we recently received a referral from you two! Thanks for that by the way! Your work is AWESOME! High Fives to you both!!!
Oct 25, 2008  julie hord (!!)
OH. MY. GOSH. I am completely blown away by these AMAZING photographs! I'm not joking - the MOMENT your email popped up in my inbox with the link I literally started squealing and jumping up and down! You two captured Adam & I SO perfectly - each photo is a work of art in and of itself and completely personal. Stolen moments, every one of them. I LOVE them and can't thank you enough. Can't wait to see all of them!
Oct 24, 2008  cristen chester
brilliant, I tell YOU!!! wow, jess + whit this is some serious eye candy! so many fantastically fun images that i cannot even pick a favorite. tried, but just can't! xoxo
Oct 24, 2008  Adam Hord
Those paper things were "cootie catchers"! Great job on the photography. AMAZING! You guys are really something.
Oct 24, 2008  Aaron gantt
OH MY GOD SOME OF THE MOST AMAZING PICTURES!!!!! I don't see me in the preview????????????