Nov 06, 2015danielle + matt

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Oct 02, 2015jennifer + anthony

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Sep 29, 2015DJ 101 at Photo Field Trip

Do you proudly curate your playlists to set the perfect vibe for every occasion? When some dude abruptly changes the song in the middle of a chorus, do you find yourself wanting to throw something at his head? If any of this rings a bell, you might just be an amateur DJ - and here’s your opportunity to approach the turntables. We’re creating a music section at Field Trip, and we’re basing it around DJing. If you’re good and want to get better, bad and want to get less bad, or just want to take a breather from photography and learn about music - come check it out! 
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Sep 17, 2015marlo + sam

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Jul 08, 2015mario + coryna

oh, how we love a palm springs wedding! the amazing ace hotel, a dusty desert landscape with pops of bright green cacti, and a post-wedding pool party complete with giant swans? yes, please. and we were lucky enough to have denise bovee assisting us - couldn't have asked for a better weekend! x OLOL

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